FINALIt’s Saturday. Another tiring week is over. Now sitting in front of my netbook. It’s been so long since i updated my blog. so, yeah. I’ve seen this blog post about ” The sunday currently “and for suprise it inspired me post too. so here’s my version of sunday currently. but since i do have a lot of time every Saturday ill make mine ” The Saturday Currently”





Bible. I have this goal to read all the chapters in the bible. I am now reading the book of Ephesians. also reading some tweets those “hugot” tweets that i can mostly relate with.



This blog. updating it since nineteen forgotten. haha. (note to sarcasm). writing some bills and payment for this month as well. since i am living independently for the past 3 years, i need to learn how to list down my expenses.



I was made for loving you by Tori and Ed Sheeran. LSS indeed.



How to survive a week without any money on my pocket.



The unexplained scent of aloe vera which i put on my face. (seriously, the smell sucks)



to find a new job. lately, i lost my passion on what I’m doing at the present. maybe bc i am working with this kind of job for almost 2 years. STRESS is my Best friend lately,btw. ♦



to go home soon. hopefully middle of next year. hoping to find a cheap ticket tho.



Yellow tee and my fave skirt. skirt, yes. wearing skirts all the time. it makes me feel comfortable.



My new adult Coloring book that i bought recently. Stress reliever! SuperB!!



A new pair of sneakers, chocolate, more  NUTELLA and GO! and SLEEEPPP as usual i need to some more time to sleep.



Definitely needing some more SLEEP. So exhausted lately ( but still have time to browse the internet c: )



So blessed! Despite of all the hardships and trials i can see God’s provision in my life. :))


Have a blessed week a head guys. See you on my next blog.


  • theelatebloomer.♥




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