Getting to know me!

Phoebe Faith Paccial


Sigh! I really don’t know where to start on sharing some stuffs about me. This really ain’t my thing like opening my life or some stuffs, sort of. I’m doing this to express my self in another way or try to explore a different kind of socializing. So i think this will be start.

I know they’re a lot of people who will judge me. but wait, i did for myself “nga” so its up to you. :}


Ever since I was a child, I am not that confident type of person. Id rather choose staying at home, reading some books or even watching my favorite Teleseryes rather than going out, socializing with people. Some said I’m suplada daw. (well, can’t blame them) but after they knew the real me they would then say ” Ay, ang bait mo pala, akala ko kasi” well, i get used to it but just lately i realize I’ve been closing my doors for so long that i lost some opportunities that i should might have right now.

So just lately i realized i should change this wrong kind of attitude, to start with is with this blog. In this way i can express myself freely. because i believe that its never to late for a person to bloom. 

Feel free to comment and ask me questions.®


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