untitled.pngI’m not that very open book kind of person to share my personal life in public. I’d rather choose to snuggle in the corner of my bed. But there is always an exception. So here’s 20 facts about me..

  1. I’m 23 years old. Some said I do look younger than my age. but some said i look older. so which is which?
  2.  I am currently working and living in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam for almost 3 years now and planning to stay here for some more couple of years maybe 2,3 ,4 more years? IDK.
  3. I don’t like Cinnamon! the taste,smell everything about cinnamon!
  4. I only eat 3 kind of fish and I don’t remember their names. basta isda. XD
  5. I hate the sound of styrofoam. it tickles my tummy every time i hear it.
  6. I don’t like eating champorados and goto.
  7. I can’t go out without any face powder and eyebrows. I’m not that maarte but its just I’m not blessed to have on-flick-inborn eyebrows just like the others.
  8. I’m in my bed at 9:00 o’clock every night but falls asleep at 12pm due to social media errands. 😀
  9. I’m 23 already but until now i don’t know how to draw eyes and hands. (shame on me!!!)
  10. I feel sad when it rains.
  11. I’d rather choose to surf the net than reading a book. ( depends on the book though!)
  12. I get intimidated every time I see someone whispering in front of me.
  13. I can easily read a persons attitude and personality in a short span of time. (like 1 hour maybe?)
  14. I am a Tourism management graduate and its been my dream to travel ever since.
  15. I’m a choir member in our church. (I can sings guys, really!)
  16. I am not comfortable on the idea of unplanned sleepovers.
  17. I can’t directly go to sleep without taking a bath at night.
  18. I find “Makulit guys” more attractive
  19. My favorite colors are Red, Black and Teal.
  20. I do have 30 pairs of shoes including sneakers,sandals,heels,etc. but i only use 5 of them.I don’t know i have this stress relieving feeling every time i’ll have a new pair. (ughhh! addiction!!! )



20 facts about me.jpg


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