Hello. I am coming to you from a 1 hour class just near my flat today. I just ate a homemade pizza for dinner. Planning not to go anywhere tomorrow since the next day after that would be Monday which means WORK again. 2 more days till November will be over. I’m so excited for Christmas. Ill post some blogs about it maybe. :))




Stylized by Liz Uy. 





A new blog that I’m going to publish soon.



Chasing cars by Snow Patrol, Cello covers in YouTube. ughhh. CELLO!! I’m addicted to you. 😀 But i don’t know how to play it. maybe soon, ill give it a try.



Thinking on what to do later. more of something that can pamper myself. massage, mani-pedi, maybe??



FISH!!! i can smell fishy. (hahaha) We actually had fish for lunch, so yea.



to find another flat to move in. for the past week, me and my housemate spend some time to find a new place to move in. We saw some but its either out of our budget or its not our type. ang hirap! any suggestions? (naa. just kidding) anyways, we still have few more days to find one.



hoping that my parents is in good condition. as well as my siblings. its hard to work outside our country. Being away from your family is one of the greatest trial that we have to face. but, thanks to the so called technology I can communicate with them 24/7.



Dark blue tee that I bought last July when we went to Phnom Penh, Cambodia and my boxer shorts!!!! It makes me comfortable.




The Christmas Ambiance!! On my way home, I saw some shops decorating for Christmas. I can feel the Christmas spirit!! YEEYY! Its the most wonderful time of the yeeaaar! (I’m singing here by the way :D)



A goodnight sleep. A GOODNIGHT SLEEPPP!



Cash!!! hahaha. Its’ been tough this month. I have to pay a lot of bills and buy some necessities that i need. Especially FOODS! That feeling when you crave to eat something but you have nothing in your pocket? ( K! Bye!)



Exhausted and Stress. I slept 1:30am in the morning. and i had to wake up at around 7:00am. Great, Right? But still thanking God for giving me another day. #FeelingBlessed




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