aaaaHello Bloomers. How was your week? tough,eh? Mine was and still. i just came from our dearest Philippine Consulate to process my passport renewal and just to realize I’ve been away from home for a long time. #homesick! Anyways, I am so exhausted right now. I just deprived my self from sleeping. i had a choice actually, but then i choose to surf the social media thingy rather than sleeping. yan tayo eh! inuuna pa yung phone eh! Yan tuloy, lantang gulay! XD. So here’s my Saturday Currently vol. 3 :



Notes and sharps. So i enrolled my self in a Violin Class lately. basic lang nman sxa, pero sxempre mahirap parin. I ought to myself that i need to learn how to play some instruments before i turn 24, since I already knew how to play the guitar, i  choose the violin to be the second instrument.  I’m enjoying it so far.


I’m about to finish this blog about Places that you should travel before turning 30’s. Just a little more time and i’m going to publish this soon.


Sound of the fan right in front of me. XD Yea, I know! Its December. but its freakin hot. I don’t know pati yung seasons late din pa lang nag bloom. hahaha. XD


What to do tomorrow, i have plans on my mind already, but i need someone to accompany me, so are you available tomorrow??? XD


Vanilla!!!! I so love Vanilla. especially this Vanilla Lace mist of Victoria’s Secret.


I could buy this thing that i really wanted a long time ago pa. I really want it. Still praying! In God’s Time.


hoping to have enough budget this Christmas. Though i will not go home in the Philippines, I’m sure i’ll still have a “Merry-Christmas” day this coming 25! and hoping na sana next christmas i’ll celebrate with my family.


Oversize denim polo and little black skirt. I have to wear something that has a collar because it is a requirement when you renew your passport, its with that picture thingy!


My newly bought watch! and its only 40,000 vnd which is so cheap compared to others na mahal but not so fancy naman. Anyways, i bought it in one of the local markets here, i am fun of buying in markets kasi you can ask for discount plus you can help directly to those individual.


I still want to SLEEEPPP! Ive been depriving my self from sleeping since last week. every time i promise to myself that i should sleep early today something will come out and ruin my plan. urghhhh! 😦 :0


I need somebody to love! Joke! I actually need time. Time to rest, time to fix things up with myself. I think I’m in so much stress lately that i forget how to take care of myself. I need to buy time!


Contented but Tired as usual. But I never forget to thank God for blessing me everyday. For waking me up and giving me a new life. God bless us for the next week. Ciao. XD ♥



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