Aloha Bloomers. Here I am again, sitting in the front of my netbook giving you an update. So this week was quite awesome. I did finish a lot of errands. Today, I was so excited buying some stuffs for our Church Christmas Party tomorrow!!WOHOOO! Ecstatic one here!!! I actually had a hard time looking for something to give for the exchange gift thingy, then it turns out that I would end up buying a Starbucks tumbler. not bad, right? And i passed by on a bookstore and decided to buy a white colored Christmas light. I always wanted to have one, and finally after 1000years. hahaha. So yea, here is my Saturday  Currently vol. 04:



A Vietnamese Language Learn and Practice book. I’ve been staying here in Vietnam for 3 years, and studying their language is a real struggle.



My New Years Resolution. and believe me a have a lot. I’m not trying to change myself actually, but there are some certain things that i had to open my doors.



The Scorch Trials. (maze runner 2) yess! I’m watching while writing this blog update now. XD



On what to buy for Christmas!!! I had somethings on my mind actually but i had no idea where to buy. at wala akong oras para bumili, haaynaku!! XD



MY SWEET SWEAT!! XD really. cause i poured my perfume on my body today, so i had a sweet sweat. hahaha. XD



I will have good week. I still have two more weeks till vacation and i’m wishing, really wishing that this remaining weeks will be smooth sailing one. (crossfingers c:)



That I could push through my plan this vacation in going on the country side of HCMC, Vietnam. I hope i could and my wallet could. XD



Brown Colored inside shirt and my black leggings. I feel so at home with this pair. 



My New pair of Converse!! (HIGH CUT) I bought an early Christmas gift for myself just this afternoon. It was not planned actually, we just pass by to this certain shop and decided to go inside and tadaa! I got a new pair. Happy Kiddo here. XD



I want to visit JAPAN! Like now, as in now talaga. Cause its winter and its the best time to visit japan they said. but i’m broke. ;(((



I need to clean my room. Everything is a mess! I just throw things away everytime i went home on the weekdays, cause i’m already tired and lazy i have this mentality naAy, Bukas na langSo yea, naubos ko na yata lahat nang bukas. XD



Happy, Shalala! Its so nice to be happy! hahaha. I feel so satisfied indeed. God gave my desires and i feel so bless cause i have the heart which God’s wants me to have. :)) ♥




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