the sat kafe

Hello There! Its been a while since I’ve updated my blog! Anyways, Happy New Year Bloomers! How was your new year? Mine, was quite memorable. Twas one of memorable new year i ever had in my entire existence! Chos!  Another year had past. another blank pages are waiting for you, so go! and write a memorable one. and I’m starting mine now. Nahaha! Im currently here in a new opened Coffee shop. ofcourse with the annoying one, my cousin. (just kiddin, but i love her tho :*)so yea. So here’s My Saturday Currenlty vl. 05:



Currently i am fond of reading fashion magazines, I dont know, its just they got my interest these days. like spending a lot of time browsing some ootd’s in the internet. ( gee! I can’t help it)


Urghhh. Actually, i have a lot of drafts and unfinished blogs. I really want to publish it soon but every time i’m about to write i always get distracted. But i will try to finish it soon. XD


Watching my cousin in front of me taking thousands of selfies,and annoying me while doing this blog! hahaha.  She’s the selfie queen ( i mean literally, maybe a hundred selfies a day? XD) but i love her. she knows that. :*



On what to do this week, since i will have a lot of vacant time. Last week was terrible though. I was working like 24/7. I am excited for this week. FINALLY! a free time. what to do?? hmmm. 😀





COFFEE! since I’m here in a coffee shop, so yea! I am not really a coffeeholic kinda person but, i do drink if ill crave for it! Caramel Macchiato is my all time fave ( ughh. gee! i want one now) and that only winter season toffee latte in SB! So Yummy!!!!



That this year will be an awesome one. i mean, i don’t know if you have this feeling but i feel that this year would be an amazing one. I wish i could unlock more of my achievement goals this year. Tick off some list in my Bucket list. more adventures, sugar, spice and everything nice, nyahahaha.



To save a lot of money for this year. I have a lot of plans this year. Like going out of the country do some extreme adventures. But ill be needing some cash. so i hope ill keep an eye on my goals. Mahirap na ma distract eh, lalo na yung may SALE na word. tempting kaya yun. XD



Denim Jeans inspired dress that i bought for only 5 usd. not bad, yea?



My New Phone case that my cousin and I bought a while ago. We’ve been wanting to have that rose gold Iphone 6s but we cant afford to buy, so we bought a phone case that looks exactly that same instead. hashtag #happykiddoshere

a w




ATM, i don’t have any thing on my mind. maybe because i’m on the peak of that ” I’m contented of what i have now” feeling. I mean, were all humans and we will never be contented but i as of now come what may. If God would give me blessings, i would be so thankful because through out the years he blessed me more than what i deserve. Good health maybe? I am so blessed that for the past years I’ve never been into a serious (knock on wood, but i i’m not asking for it) I am so blessed by God. XD



I need to change my body clock. I have this ” Lying down at 9:00pm but sleeping at 12midnight” habit. which is not a good habit (ikr? ) been so addicted on browsing the net, and i can’t notice that I’ve been hooked on my phone for couple of hours. So yea, i really need to change it.



Again, Contented and Blessed!! I am really blessed by God. only by God’s grace, i can see that God is really giving me favor even in my workplace. 


I’m really happy to share my week with you guys.  We have another week to spend, i hope you guys will have fun and don’t forget the one up there. 🙂 Till my next blog. Ciao. ♥ (kisses)

thank you


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