When you finally love the person who loves you everything will finally feel right. Not necessarily be right but it’ll feel right. When you finally love the person who loves you, you wouldn’t care if you’re giving too much. There’s no such a thing as getting something back in return because there’s always giving between you two and that’s what matters. You wouldn’t worry about saying the wrong thing, using the wrong words, or just not being as expressive as you wish you could be because, however, it doesn’t matter that much. He gets you right away anyway. He gets when you’re sad even if you were just smiling. He gets when you don’t want to talk even though you were just listening to him and showing interest in whatever it is he was saying. When you finally love the person who loves you, you’ll find no place for regret in your dictionary. It doesn’t matter that you just met him, it doesn’t matter that you may secretly be asking yourself while looking at him, “where have you been all my life!”. At that time, what really matters is that you are together. That’s the absolute truth that you care about. The only one that deserves your concern.

When you finally love the one who loves you, your love might not be like that in the books. You thought that there should be more deprivation before your hands hold, more fighting before you two could end up with each other but maybe it’s not always like that. Maybe the universe played a part in bringing you both together in the smoothest way you could think of. And that’s the best part, you could feel with your heart how beautiful It is that you two just fit. When you finally love the person who loves you, silence won’t be as awkward but you still will have a lot to say. You’ll find yourself interested to ask him about his favorite colour, his all time favorite show and what he does to feel alive when life is too hard and you’d believe him if his answer was that he thinks of you. You’d believe him because he’d sound like he means it. You’d believe him because this is the first time you knew that love is trust and that it’s not a rule, it’s just how love goes. You find yourself trusting someone no questions asked.

When you finally love the person who loves you, you won’t stress over whether you can love him right or not. Whether it’s the right time to call him or not because every day when you tell him you love him, it sounds different than the day before and every day it makes you realize there are endless ways to love him and you’ll figure them all out, you know you will. You’re sure you will.

When you finally love the person who loves you, you won’t care if your hands are too cold all the time. Because you know that for him they’ll be warm enough. They’ll always be warm enough.



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