PARTEA- English Tea Room


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Partea- English Tea Room



Hello guys. Its been decades again since my last post. Anyways, i just want to share to you my experience when i visited this super lovable, cozy, (superB) tea room.

This is Located in Nguyen Hue Blvd., Ben Nghe ward. District 1, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. So coming to this place you might find it creepy because it is located in a quite old building and the elevators sucks. I mean, really. (Sorry, it just really do). But as you enter this Tea room, you feel like you are transported to another dimension.


I really feel in love the moment i enter the place. Everything was nice and perfect. The settings, tables, chairs, everything. I was really amazed. The ambiance, the smell, details really caught me. Its like everything was in a slow motion. 😀

tumblr_nnmst0XkC51tdxr0so1_1280Picture 512

To start with the little tea-partying you have to choose what kind of tea you want to, Btw, the price is also reasonable. 1 pot of tea cost 70,000vnd (thats like 140,00 in php) but then if you will share with another person, you just have to add 20,000vnd (thats about 40,00 in php) and with that they can refill the pot anytime,as much as  you want.


Next is you have a chance to choose cup and saucers do you like to. And Guys, they have a lot of choices. You’ll sure have a headache choosing on what cups and saucers to use. XD


And Viola!! Tea-partying right just in your front. XD

It feels like going back to your childhood days where you were filling those tiny cups with saucers, putting some cubes of sugar and sipping like a Queen in a Huge castle.


Partea- English Tea room is located in Nguyen Hue Blvd., Ben Nghe ward. District 1, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.

Till my next blog bloomers. Ciao. ♥



Picture 1175

The Kafe | The Burger Box

Its been a while since i posted about my food trips around Ho Chi Min City, Vietnam. So now I’m sharing my abouts just lastweek. My cousin and I heard about a new opened “KAFE” shop near our area ( I mean just around our district). Couple of days before we visited the place, i did my own research. As i scan through some uploaded images, i was excited and convinced on the reviews and comments. It makes me excite even more.

We went there on a Sunny Sunday  afternoon. First we were confused on where to go in, even though we knew that both places is own by one person (maybe) we were still hanged for a moment. Finally we decided to enter The Burger Box first.

Picture 1200

Potato Wedges | Chips w/ caramel

We were amazed when we saw their menu (we’re amazed bcoz of the prices though. XD) The prices were so cheap and to our surprise the servings of each orders are so huge on what we were expecting. We are so excited that we want to order everything on the menu, but we’re kind a full that time so sad we ordered not to heavy ones. After we placed our orders we immediately rush to the other side which is The Kafe. There, we stayed and decided to dine.

The place was so nice and refreshing plus (big plus +) I really recommend their staffs and servers, they are so customer friendly.(geee!! I remember our server was so nice, too bad i forgot to ask her name) I mean they are so nice that on every request we had they were so game on it without any hesitations or bla blah. XD



Picture 1227

I was doing my Saturday Currently blog there. XD

Overall I recommend you guys to visit this place. Their foods pleased my taste buds. Place and the ambiance is refreshing. I give this place a perfect score in my food trip experiences. I would definitely come back any time soon. ♥

Picture 1206the kafe2

The Kafe and the Burger Box is located in  139 Nguyễn Đức Cảnh, P. Tân Phong, Quận 7; Phu My, Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam.

Till my next blog bloomers. Ciao. ♥


So,me and my cousin started to hunt down all hidden coffee shops, and some interesting places in here in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. So last Saturday we decided to visit this place, Infuz Spice Cream.



Infuz Spice Cream

Infuz Spice Cream


Out of curiosity we decided to give this place a try. and we were amazed as expected. So this place is a coffee shop /slush/ Ice cream shop. They have many flavors of ice cream to choose from and take note its not just an ordinary ice cream but they have the rare ones.



Choco Mando Flavor (Chocolate-Mandarin)

Choco Mando Flavor

Carbonara sauce, Balsamic Chocolate, Pepper and Chili flavors are always ready to serve. Because we are afraid to choose, we choose the safest flavor we know. We bought two kinds of flavors.One Tiramisu Icecream for dine-in and Chocomando (Chocolate-Mandarin) for take out. ( Yes, we had a takeout because the bottle container was to cute. xd)


Not only the flavors are exciting but the place is also relaxing and staffs are accommodating. As I’ve said they also have some more selections on their menus. they have coffee and some kind of teas to choose from. and the price range are between 20,000- 50,000 vnd.

tumblr_nvanjeq36u1tdxr0so1_540 tumblr_nvahf7H00n1tdxr0so1_540

Infuz Spice Cream is located in  S7-1 Đường Số 6, P. Tân Phong, Quận 7, TP. HCM

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