When you finally love the person who loves you everything will finally feel right. Not necessarily be right but it’ll feel right. When you finally love the person who loves you, you wouldn’t care if you’re giving too much. There’s no such a thing as getting something back in return because there’s always giving between you two and that’s what matters. You wouldn’t worry about saying the wrong thing, using the wrong words, or just not being as expressive as you wish you could be because, however, it doesn’t matter that much. He gets you right away anyway. He gets when you’re sad even if you were just smiling. He gets when you don’t want to talk even though you were just listening to him and showing interest in whatever it is he was saying. When you finally love the person who loves you, you’ll find no place for regret in your dictionary. It doesn’t matter that you just met him, it doesn’t matter that you may secretly be asking yourself while looking at him, “where have you been all my life!”. At that time, what really matters is that you are together. That’s the absolute truth that you care about. The only one that deserves your concern.

When you finally love the one who loves you, your love might not be like that in the books. You thought that there should be more deprivation before your hands hold, more fighting before you two could end up with each other but maybe it’s not always like that. Maybe the universe played a part in bringing you both together in the smoothest way you could think of. And that’s the best part, you could feel with your heart how beautiful It is that you two just fit. When you finally love the person who loves you, silence won’t be as awkward but you still will have a lot to say. You’ll find yourself interested to ask him about his favorite colour, his all time favorite show and what he does to feel alive when life is too hard and you’d believe him if his answer was that he thinks of you. You’d believe him because he’d sound like he means it. You’d believe him because this is the first time you knew that love is trust and that it’s not a rule, it’s just how love goes. You find yourself trusting someone no questions asked.

When you finally love the person who loves you, you won’t stress over whether you can love him right or not. Whether it’s the right time to call him or not because every day when you tell him you love him, it sounds different than the day before and every day it makes you realize there are endless ways to love him and you’ll figure them all out, you know you will. You’re sure you will.

When you finally love the person who loves you, you won’t care if your hands are too cold all the time. Because you know that for him they’ll be warm enough. They’ll always be warm enough.




Every people dreams of happily ever after, well there is no such thing as just pure happiness. There will come a time where all the happiness might be hard to find during the relationship. But guess what? How can you make your love the last one? The love that will be with you all throughout your lifetime?

The answer is very easy, but is hard to achieve. Every waking day choose your love, their is no such thing as perfect relationship. If you want it to last, never give up. Despite of all the problems and challenges that you might face. Do not give up. If you feel that this is the love that you want for a lifetime. If you get tired of the relationship, just rest but do not give up. Loving is also a choice. 

A choice of staying, or of giving up. Wanting this love to last is by choosing to stay each and everyday until you are both gray and old.

To the person I’m with today, I want us to last a lifetime.

To the Man Who Made Me Whole Again

When you came into my life, I was a wreck. I don’t know where I was in life. Though I was doing things I want, I felt things were still wrong. Even if I always smile, I still felt empty. I knew my heart was still shattered by the past; I knew there was something missing all along. Yet, your presence has become my only reason to go on and let go of all the uncertainties and frustrations.

At first you were the risk I had to take; I was so scared. I was so scared to suffer the pain once more, to be devastated again. Yet your amazing love overpowered me. You picked up all my broken pieces and put them back piece by piece even if I refused. You made your way on putting an effort of making me smile again. You have my sweet appreciation for taking my smile places I only dreamed of. You made my eyes sparkle again like it never did before. You helped me bring back the life I have lost, the self I already forgotten, and the love I longed for. You made me believe in the power of love again.

Thank you for being the person who can embrace my silliness, who joins me in my absurdity and who doesn’t ask me to change my actuation because you have wholeheartedly accepted me. Thank you for being honest to me; the person I can trust with all my secrets and crazy stories that I have kept within myself. Thank you for listening to my endless talks and understanding every bit of me. Thank you for telling me I am beautiful even with allergies, tired or pale. Thank you for always reminding me that I can be myself and still be loved, even on my worst or weakest days. Thank you for making me feel that I am more than enough; that I don’t need to impress you because you are already impressed by me and by who I am and by being with me and by loving me.

I just can’t thank you enough for making me whole again; for giving me the love that I deserve. Remember that you always have my love, you will always have me. I love you.

To the man i who has my heart now, I’m claiming that you are my last and “US” will last until were grey and old. and at this very exact moment, I know i can’t afford to lose you. I love you! I really do. ––> N.R. ∞


WHAT IF? A sudden question popped on my mind.

What if I haven’t got what i have right now?

What if I am not in this position?

What if four years ago I didn’t made the decision that I did?

Am i having this kind of life right now?

While scribbling on my old stuffs last night, I suddenly put myself on a certain kind of memory lane (as they call it). I suddenly recall my past life. 4 to 5 years ago, I saw myself enjoying life, taking things not to serious, having fun,all god things actually. But was all of that worth it? 

I remember after i graduated, i was having a hard time finding a job. The worst feeling was they’re giving me that “You are qualified and you really deserve the job” feeling but i don’t know why it always end up on nothing. I was devastated, I almost cried every day. Self pity eat me up. There was a time that I almost surrendered. I said to myself This is Enough,I don’t want to fell rejected anymore. But now everything is clear to me, the questions a long time ago was answered. That’s why i didn’t got that job, that’s why everything didn’t work out the way i want it to be, its all because it’s not what God’s plan for me. That’s why no matter hard i tried, it still not enough. I know i did well, I know i deserve those (not too braggy but i really felt that) but you can really do nothing if God is taking it over. I realized God’s plans are more better. He prepared a lot more opportunities than what i expected.

Now, I am here. 1,780 miles away from home. At first i was scared, not ready and actually didn’t want to go. everything wasn’t clear for me way back then. I have a lot of confusions and doubts. But God made a way. First couple of months in Vietnam was hard for me. I had to live with my Uncle’s Family which I am not used to,its not that i don’t like staying with them but because I’m that kid of person that chooses to stay at home alone over random sleepovers. so don’t get me wrong with this. 🙂 Anyways, going back, i tried to find a job but at first i didn’t receive any replies. I celebrated my first Christmas and New year without my family. That was 2012, if I’m not mistaken. I felt so terrible that time. I wanted to go home and cuddle in my own bed, but sad truth was i can’t. Until that day came which change my life completely. It turned my life 360 degrees (or even more, i guess,yea?)

So, I got a teaching job, which i never see coming, i mean it was the job that i can’t picture myself in. I hated this job when i was young. For me, it was a completely stressful job and guess what? I’m correct!! Big Check√!! But what can i do? It was God who gave me this opportunity.

Now, I am really thankful to God on what I am and what i have right now. I am so blessed indeed. The things that i dreamed before, i already have them in front of me and much more, for the record. I’ve been to places that i never  thought i will be. I have the things not only what i need but also the things that i want. Putting God first in our life will lead our life to much better opportunities that an individual can’t imagine. So, its not just keep dreaming or aiming, but its also keep on praying and seeking God’s will in your life. ♥

PARTEA- English Tea Room


This post was from my tumblr account. Yes! I do have tumblr account. pebeetheelatebloomer is the name btw. (giving my account name in case you wanna check it out)


Partea- English Tea Room



Hello guys. Its been decades again since my last post. Anyways, i just want to share to you my experience when i visited this super lovable, cozy, (superB) tea room.

This is Located in Nguyen Hue Blvd., Ben Nghe ward. District 1, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. So coming to this place you might find it creepy because it is located in a quite old building and the elevators sucks. I mean, really. (Sorry, it just really do). But as you enter this Tea room, you feel like you are transported to another dimension.


I really feel in love the moment i enter the place. Everything was nice and perfect. The settings, tables, chairs, everything. I was really amazed. The ambiance, the smell, details really caught me. Its like everything was in a slow motion. 😀

tumblr_nnmst0XkC51tdxr0so1_1280Picture 512

To start with the little tea-partying you have to choose what kind of tea you want to, Btw, the price is also reasonable. 1 pot of tea cost 70,000vnd (thats like 140,00 in php) but then if you will share with another person, you just have to add 20,000vnd (thats about 40,00 in php) and with that they can refill the pot anytime,as much as  you want.


Next is you have a chance to choose cup and saucers do you like to. And Guys, they have a lot of choices. You’ll sure have a headache choosing on what cups and saucers to use. XD


And Viola!! Tea-partying right just in your front. XD

It feels like going back to your childhood days where you were filling those tiny cups with saucers, putting some cubes of sugar and sipping like a Queen in a Huge castle.


Partea- English Tea room is located in Nguyen Hue Blvd., Ben Nghe ward. District 1, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.

Till my next blog bloomers. Ciao. ♥


Picture 1175

The Kafe | The Burger Box

Its been a while since i posted about my food trips around Ho Chi Min City, Vietnam. So now I’m sharing my abouts just lastweek. My cousin and I heard about a new opened “KAFE” shop near our area ( I mean just around our district). Couple of days before we visited the place, i did my own research. As i scan through some uploaded images, i was excited and convinced on the reviews and comments. It makes me excite even more.

We went there on a Sunny Sunday  afternoon. First we were confused on where to go in, even though we knew that both places is own by one person (maybe) we were still hanged for a moment. Finally we decided to enter The Burger Box first.

Picture 1200

Potato Wedges | Chips w/ caramel

We were amazed when we saw their menu (we’re amazed bcoz of the prices though. XD) The prices were so cheap and to our surprise the servings of each orders are so huge on what we were expecting. We are so excited that we want to order everything on the menu, but we’re kind a full that time so sad we ordered not to heavy ones. After we placed our orders we immediately rush to the other side which is The Kafe. There, we stayed and decided to dine.

The place was so nice and refreshing plus (big plus +) I really recommend their staffs and servers, they are so customer friendly.(geee!! I remember our server was so nice, too bad i forgot to ask her name) I mean they are so nice that on every request we had they were so game on it without any hesitations or bla blah. XD



Picture 1227

I was doing my Saturday Currently blog there. XD

Overall I recommend you guys to visit this place. Their foods pleased my taste buds. Place and the ambiance is refreshing. I give this place a perfect score in my food trip experiences. I would definitely come back any time soon. ♥

Picture 1206the kafe2

The Kafe and the Burger Box is located in  139 Nguyễn Đức Cảnh, P. Tân Phong, Quận 7; Phu My, Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam.

Till my next blog bloomers. Ciao. ♥


the sat kafe

Hello There! Its been a while since I’ve updated my blog! Anyways, Happy New Year Bloomers! How was your new year? Mine, was quite memorable. Twas one of memorable new year i ever had in my entire existence! Chos!  Another year had past. another blank pages are waiting for you, so go! and write a memorable one. and I’m starting mine now. Nahaha! Im currently here in a new opened Coffee shop. ofcourse with the annoying one, my cousin. (just kiddin, but i love her tho :*)so yea. So here’s My Saturday Currenlty vl. 05:



Currently i am fond of reading fashion magazines, I dont know, its just they got my interest these days. like spending a lot of time browsing some ootd’s in the internet. ( gee! I can’t help it)


Urghhh. Actually, i have a lot of drafts and unfinished blogs. I really want to publish it soon but every time i’m about to write i always get distracted. But i will try to finish it soon. XD


Watching my cousin in front of me taking thousands of selfies,and annoying me while doing this blog! hahaha.  She’s the selfie queen ( i mean literally, maybe a hundred selfies a day? XD) but i love her. she knows that. :*



On what to do this week, since i will have a lot of vacant time. Last week was terrible though. I was working like 24/7. I am excited for this week. FINALLY! a free time. what to do?? hmmm. 😀





COFFEE! since I’m here in a coffee shop, so yea! I am not really a coffeeholic kinda person but, i do drink if ill crave for it! Caramel Macchiato is my all time fave ( ughh. gee! i want one now) and that only winter season toffee latte in SB! So Yummy!!!!



That this year will be an awesome one. i mean, i don’t know if you have this feeling but i feel that this year would be an amazing one. I wish i could unlock more of my achievement goals this year. Tick off some list in my Bucket list. more adventures, sugar, spice and everything nice, nyahahaha.



To save a lot of money for this year. I have a lot of plans this year. Like going out of the country do some extreme adventures. But ill be needing some cash. so i hope ill keep an eye on my goals. Mahirap na ma distract eh, lalo na yung may SALE na word. tempting kaya yun. XD



Denim Jeans inspired dress that i bought for only 5 usd. not bad, yea?



My New Phone case that my cousin and I bought a while ago. We’ve been wanting to have that rose gold Iphone 6s but we cant afford to buy, so we bought a phone case that looks exactly that same instead. hashtag #happykiddoshere

a w




ATM, i don’t have any thing on my mind. maybe because i’m on the peak of that ” I’m contented of what i have now” feeling. I mean, were all humans and we will never be contented but i as of now come what may. If God would give me blessings, i would be so thankful because through out the years he blessed me more than what i deserve. Good health maybe? I am so blessed that for the past years I’ve never been into a serious (knock on wood, but i i’m not asking for it) I am so blessed by God. XD



I need to change my body clock. I have this ” Lying down at 9:00pm but sleeping at 12midnight” habit. which is not a good habit (ikr? ) been so addicted on browsing the net, and i can’t notice that I’ve been hooked on my phone for couple of hours. So yea, i really need to change it.



Again, Contented and Blessed!! I am really blessed by God. only by God’s grace, i can see that God is really giving me favor even in my workplace. 


I’m really happy to share my week with you guys.  We have another week to spend, i hope you guys will have fun and don’t forget the one up there. 🙂 Till my next blog. Ciao. ♥ (kisses)

thank you